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Brubeck's got the best of me

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I'm trying to figure out "Kathy's Waltz" off Dave Brubeck's classic "Time Out" album and I've run into some problems. I have the melody down just fine but the chords and the key are really confusing me. As far as I can tell the chords are as follows:

|F7 |Bb7 |Eb7 |Ab7 |Bb^7 |Gm7 |Eb^7 |Dm7 |
|A7 |Dm7 |G7 |Cm7 |Bbm7 |Gm7 | Cm7 |(Eb7) |
|Bb |Bb#5 |Gm/Bb |Bb7 |Eb^7 |Dm7 |Cm7 -------> |
|F7 |Bb7 |Eb7 |Ab7 |Bb^7 |Gm7 |Eb^7 |(Dm7)? |
|Cm7 |F7 |Bb^7 ------> |

For those who are familiar with the tune, I have the lines spaced according to the "sections" in the beginning of the song. I think he is switching keys with each section, but I am really confused. I think the first section is in Bb, but after that it seems pretty sketchy. Some help would be greatly appreciated.