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Help with this Backing Track

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i'm trying to improvise over this track

in the associated pdf there is a quick chart and the chords are:

E7#9 B7 E7#9 B7
E7#9 B7 E7#9 B7
F#11 Em F#11 Em
F#11 Em F#11 B7#9

I cannot hear the changes, could someone help me adding the minute/second where the chord is used?

thanks a lot

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You can do this yourself by getting a stopwatch timer, then stopping at the points where the chords change.

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Minute/second isn't much use to a musician, because we don't think of time that way. We think of time in beats or in measures. Either one of those will tell you when the chord changes; minutes/seconds won't, unless you're looking at the clock - and if you are, you're not really thinking about the music.

But you ARE thinking about the beats. If you're not, you aren't going to be able to improvise well. And if you're not aware of what measure you're in, how are you going to end a solo at the right time when you're playing with band?

Anyway, I was going to listen for the beats - but the page you linked to can't be found.

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