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Idea for Guitar tab...
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Idea for Guitar tabs so they include beats!

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:idea: This is just a random thuoght and belive me I am just writing down what came randomly into my head. What if, in normal tabs, there were the 6 lines that are the strings, and the different #'s that signify which fret. simple. Now, lets add symbols (maybe lines or some other symbol) that signify a specific # of beats after a specific note. the great part about this would be that every note could have its own unique time, because the timing symbols would be right beside the #'s (for the fret). this way, the difficulty of reading those little white and black dots jumping over the fence ( :note1: , :note2: ) would be eliminated. it would be much more simpl in my opinion atm. Now I bet there are more than a few holes in this idea, but im just throwing it out there. :idea:


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It's been done. There are many systems of tab, none standard.

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Definitely not a bad idea, and I've seen stuff like that in use, but the problem isn't that there are no existing systems to add rhythm to tabs, it's that most people don't take the time to add them. I think most people that are that committed or think it's needed will make a powertab or equivalent instead.