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Playing in Harmony with Others

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When doing a little research on didgeridoos after I bought one I found this website called Didgeridoo Tribe at .

While browsing through the Forum I found this wonderful post about playing in harmony with other musicians (actually other didg players) so I have to share the information. The short blurb about the post is that it easily describes the pricniple of how to play in harmony with others while using different scales.

I wanted to take the mini-lesson and post it in the Forum or provide it as a lesson on the website itself but I never heard back from the author. So here is how to access the info. If you cannot see the pictures of the Circle of Fifths let me know and I can scan the hardcopy for post or whatever.

Go to the above website and in the "Search" textbox type "Playing in Harmony Together". Hit the "Enter" key, click on the original and read the post. There are only a few replies so it should not be hard to access. You should not even have to register.

This is another great instrument website with loads of information related to the didgeridoo.

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Greetings from the Didgeridoo Tribe! I'd like to apologize to pops22br for the broken link to our site. Some ongoing changes and reorganization have occurred and the new link to the Didgeridoo Tribe Forum is:

Didgeridoo Tribe Forum

The post that pops22br was talking about is under "Didgeridoo Physics" and here is a direct link to that post:

Playing in Harmony Together

My first instrument is the guitar and I was excited to hear about this great forum from pops22br. A few years back I started playing the didgeridoo and combining it with the guitar. You can find some mp3s of this combination on the Sounds page of my website:

Woody's Didgeridoings
Woody's Didgeridoings Mirror Site

Best Wishes, Woody

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Greetings right back at ya, Woodrow, from GuitarNoise! And welcome to our humble forum! :D

A friend of mine was given a didgeridoo a few years ago, but I don't think he's mastered the breathing technique yet! Did it take you long? Interesting instrument! I'm going over to give you a listen now! Once again, welcome to GN!

EDIT: Just listened to "Rain Laden Sky" on this rainy Saturday! Fits the mood perfectly! :D

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Thanks for the welcome, Elecktrablue! My first didgeridoo came from a friend, as well, who bought it for me on a visit to Australia, knowing that I was interested in all sorts of musical instruments.

It took me quite a while to master the circular breathing technique. What worked for me was putting a twist in a plastic straw (to add some backpressure) and blowing bubbles in a glass of water. The aim is to keep the bubble flow constant and when you run out of breath, using your cheek muscles to push out the air while snatching in quick breaths through your nose. It took me a couple of months to get this going and then a further few months to transfer the technique to the didge itself. But it's well worth the effort. Some didges are harder to learn on than others. The one my friend brought back from Australia was quite hard to play, and it wasn't till I made a simple didge from a piece of two inch diameter plastic pipe that I really started to get into playing. It's easy and cheap to make a didge from plastic pipe and the plans for several different models are available for free on my website, along with some sound samples.

Glad to hear you were listening to "Rain Laden Sky". When I recorded that I was really getting into the Dropped D guitar tuning. I found that tuning worked really well with my didge in D.

Best Wishes, Woody

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I enjoyed "Rain Laden Sky". A little more length and some sort of shift in tone or tune and I could easily hear that on some sort of new age radio program or station.

It is a small world for metal fanatics. I welcome you fellow musicians, especially the metalheads!

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Thanks 97reb! I'm still playing around with that one. I'm more into Folk than New Age, so I may play around until I get some lyrics, and as you say a shift in tone or tune, and make it into a song. It started out as a song idea, but then I thought it went well with the didge. Now that I am less into didge I may try again for a song, but there's something there that wants to grow into something. Eventually I'll figure out what.

You can check out more of my guitar music and songs at the Wetband Dmusic site:

Wetband Music at Dmusic

Best Wishes, Woody