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Simple Q: Artist recommendations...

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Hi guys,

I'm slowly building my knowledge of theory and want to start looking at (correct) tabs and working out various aspects, things such as scales being used, key signature etc instead of just repeating what I see on the neck (which hasn't enhanced my theoretical understanding). However where these are baby steps I'm not wanting into something overly complex (where a song dances between X different scales and key changes etc.).

Any recommendations on some good songs/artists to look at? I'm a blues player so thinking of the 3 kings (primarily BB). What I'm looking for is a tab I can work from and note down "OK this is pentatonic scale 2nd and 3rd position" and so on.... I'd like to build an understanding of a song before I get to playing it.


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There are any number of "anthology" blues books that can provide you with what you're looking for. And they come in various levels and styles. For example, this book:

(and I should probably say this series of books) tries to give you everything in terms of one single guitar, switching from rhythm to riffs to solos depending on the song. It's all pretty much spot on in terms of the transcriptions, but one has to realize that it's several guitar parts arranged as one guitar for the sake of simple reading.

That being said, for your purposes, something like this should be just what you're looking for.

Hope this helps.