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Time signature of particular song; thrown off time

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I need help on figuring out how to count the rhythm and identifying the time signature of a song. "Who Did You Think I Was," by John Mayer. I want to say it's 4/4? However, there is one part in particular that is throwing me off, and that's when he get's to the chorus and the chord changes. "Brand new ruse." It sounds like there is a beat missing or something, I suddenly get thrown off time.

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I'm hearing it in two - 1e (&a) 2e (&a) 1 (e&) a* (2e) &* (a) for the main riff. (The ones I've marked with asterisks are the tougher syncopation, where he seems to drag the time). The only real difference between a meter in two (like 2/4) and a meter in four (like 4/4) is the strength of the accents... I don't hear your "three" as any weaker than your "one". Although you might be counting twice as fast as I do for the tune :)

I don't hear a change in time at the chord change, but there is a change in pattern - it starts with two eighths

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