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Extended chords

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Excellent lesson on extended chords. It simplified 9th, 11th and 14th chords for me and has increased my chord vocabulary with these sweet sounding chords.

One of the fingerings is very difficult for me. The A 11 based on the A7 shape involves a finger stretch that even my long fingers cannot handle. Instead of fingering the Eb note on the d string 1st fret. It's easier for me to play the Eb on the a string 6th fret and to mute the fourth string.

Also could a 13th chord that omits the 7th, 9th and 11th but has 1,3,5,and 13th be called a 6th chord?

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I only showed a few fingerings - of course you can play notes on other strings, or in other octaves, and get the same chords!

A 13th chord is a dominant extension, so it needs a b7 - that's not an optional chord tone. If you leave out the b7, it's no longer dominant sounding, so 1-3-5-13 is considered 1-3-5-6, for a major sixth chord.

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