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My guitar learning log...

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I am currently still at module 1 of Justinguitar. I have been practising between switching D and A chord and find some difficulty in doing so. Also, I find it hard not to strum the top 2 strings of D chort and the top string of A chord.

Furthermore, I find it a hard choice whether to look at my right hand or left hand when I play. If I look at my right hand, I will place the chord wrongly. If I look at my left hand, I will strum the top strings of the D chord and the top string of the A chord.

I am having fun so far, though, and enjoy pracrtising. I am getting better but still not there yet. Sometime, I am unable to sound all the 6 strings of the chord when I play. Some of the strings become muted, and it is hard to make them not muted.

Especially when my string are so tight and pressing hard on them can be so painful. Still, I practise sometimes to make the strings not muted but it is really hard. I am also having a hard time getting my finger to the edge of the fretboard as, is recommended by Justin.

But I am not giving up! I hope to master my A and D so that I can proceed to the next module of Justin's course. I wonder if there is any worship songs that just have A and D chord so that I can practise with them instead of the recommended songs on Justin's site.

Learning guitar is more fun than I remembered, and I hope one day to master the guitar. Meanwhile, my parents and younger brother are constantly betting with each other on when I will give up on the guitar. I hope to prove them wrong. They keep telling me, my guitar skill sucks, and I feel like telling them, at least it is better than them knowing nothing but I choose to keep quiet instead.

Hopefully, ten years down the road, I will prove them wrong.

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Practice is the only way to get better.

The pain beginners feel pressing down will go away. One thing to work on is make sure you aren't squeezing too hard. If I remember correctly Justin has some exercises and advice on not pressing down too hard.

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How is your guitar playing going?