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The Humours of Tull...
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The Humours of Tulla

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Thanks for the great little Irish reel 8) - the bare bone version is great - then I scrolled down to the version with your suggested ornamentation - - - AWESOME :!: :!: :!:

Do you consider the version with the ornamentation for the intermediate player or for the advanced player :?:

Thank you for taking the time to post these great tunes :D

B.S. :)

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Hi there Bob,

Glad you enjoyed really is a great little tune, and it sits real well on guitar.

As far as the reason an intermediate player couldn't tackle it. Ornamentation can get quite advanced - part of it's having a feel for the style, and another part is simply technique. I had a good teacher, but a lot of it comes from listening to the music. However, even the bare bones version can be good and musical...the amount of ornamentation used by traditional players can vary from none to way too much :) Ornamentation is optional and somewhat dictated by personal taste - you can add as little or as much as you like, and it's usually a good idea to vary it a little bit.

I'll be presenting a jig next time around, just haven't decided which tune yet...

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Thanks for the reply Doug,

The boss (wife) likes the version with the ornamentation so I'll give that a go :!:

Looking forward to the next lesson with the jig.

B.S. :)

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Being very irish, I enjoy playing traditional irish music, looking forward to more.

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