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Wake Me Up When Sep...
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Wake Me Up When September Ends – Green Day

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I am new to the guitar and guitarnoise. I found some references to this song in "Beginner's Q&A Forum" but not to the lesson specifically...

I've been trying to work out the finger positioning for example 4. I tried to press and strum a single string, one note at-a-time but I am too slow to keep up with the melody. And I run into problems with the two-note "chord".

Then, I tried to use my index finger on E-string fret 3, ring finger on D-string fret 5, and pinky on G-string fret 5 but that makes the transition to and from the two-note "chord" (G-string fret 5 and B-string fret 5) a little awkward for me.

I was wondering if anyone could recommend an easier finger positioning for example 4?

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated,

Thanks in advance,