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Call For You

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Im a christian, so some might not understand this. I went through a valley in my life, and one sunday night, after a conversation with God, this song came out of it. Its called Call For You:

Im finally staring face to face
With the voice I cant erase
Showing me that through it all
Love cant be replaced

My heart was wounded yet my soul cries out for love
Because all you provide calms the storms inside

So I call for you
Can you help me reach your truth
Show me through your eyes
The Light hidden inside

You whispered softly that
you were all I need
That though my idols decieved
You came to wash my feet

Your mercy and Grace
How I yearn for a taste
Consume Me, consume me with love
That my sin cant erase

I need some feedback before i record this. Thanks!!

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This song is beautiful. You sing for an Audience of one. And One only. If you have sung this song, then I know that God, and his only begotten son, Jesus; and the Holy Spirit is overjoyed with your praise, with your song. It's perfect just as it is, because the intention is pure.

To say that you are Christian is such a powerful and beautiful thing to say! Blessings are yours! (People have such strange reactions to Christians! It's the strangest thing I have ever experienced!)

I say if your song can be sung, then its perfect. If it can be sung, and there's a melody, then you can find the appropriate chords to put to it. If you feel the meter is off, then just work on it. How it works with your voice. Maybe, just record it as is. Just the voice. See how it sounds to you...

I know that you already have the approval of the only One who matters.



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I also think this is great just the way it is. Please post after you've recorded. G. :)

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Lyrics are good, it relays a good story, I've got nothing to add, record it.

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Same as the others. Great. Would also like to hear it recorded.

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Hey Kyle. I love this song. It really represents how i feel sometimes. Don't get discouraged! Remember that there will always be people here in Colorado that love you very much!!!! Xoxo ~Crystal Simone~