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Creating a song

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As some of you may know from earlier posts, I me and some friends started a band a few months ago. Now it's been almost two months and we haven't really gotten anywhere, and I am only four lessons into guitar so I don't know too much. But does anyone have any decent advice on how to get started on creating a simple song? I'd like to try and make my own instead of learning other peoples...

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When I first started out I wanted to do the same, but my friend would just scream into a microphone. That's been done before, so you might want to go a different route. Oh yeah, I quit in like a week because the dude was annoying me.

:lol: :lol: :lol:

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Well, if it were me I would take three chords that I know really well and that sound good together. Doesnt matter if it is open chords or just power chords. I would start strumming until I found a rythem that I really liked well.

Then I would, if I could, record that and loop it so that it plays over and over. I would write something sorta poetic but not too cheesy (Actually mine would probably be very cheesy) until I was to get across what I wanted to say.

Then I would get the guys together and teach them their parts. Take it slow until it sounds good. This is the way we used to do it back in the day when I was in a little garbage band that was starting out. The guitarist was decent, the drummer was ok. I could write lyrics, sorta.. and the bassist sucked. But somehow we made about 20 songs in the end that sounded pretty cool.

Good luck

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I like geoo's idea. Since you have the advantage of already having people to jam with, it should help a lot. More eyes looking at the problem kinda thing.

Maybe just come up with a cool riff, show it to your bandmates next practice, and see if they can come up with stuff to go on top of it. Sounds like a lot of fun, actually.


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I agree three chords and a couple of lies is all you need to make an awesome song.

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what about take three chords play them badly and shout like hell :twisted: then you you have a punk rock song :oops:


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Take a look at some of my songs.They are great by no means , but i have tried to make an effort just myself(the guitar) and vocals.And imagine you are 3-4 guys.You can literally do and play anything.

Sit down together.Define the roles for each other.Set some targets for your next gig/jam/practice and then by all means try to achieve them.You don't have to have a jimi hendrix experience band or you are not to play pink floyd blues.Just play for your enjoyment , and also for some easy learning.Try to put in what you have learnt at your classes.If you find your lessons inadequate , there are sufficient to help you here at GN.

Hint - Start with a song similar to what you want to create.Then write down the progression and the lyrics , all the guys together giving their suggestions.

A band is for having fun , but that 'fun' can only be had if you (all) put into your brains and heart both into it.

Its not about lessons.Its about your attitude.The 'i can do' will take you miles.The 'someone else will do' won't take you anywhere.

So , ask all your band members to sign up with GN and let us interact with them.If the problem is really great , i am sure we can sort it out for you.

Looking forward to hear from you , :)


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Find a song called Indifference, by Pearl jam, and listen to it. If whoever's singing in your band has a good voice, then you can have the vocals lead the song completely and have something as simple as two notes going back and forth and still have it sound good. Incredible even.

The idea is, if you don't have a great grasp on the guitar, neither do I by the way, then do what you CAN do with the guitar, and stress something else to compensate for it's simplicity.

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Writing songs is a pretty personal thing. Sure there are guidelines (not rules) and some would say write from the heart, others that you should use some song formulae or another. The truth is it can be a bit of all of those. personally I write about something interesting to me, or that I care about. I then review and edit while trying to keep the emotion that I hopefully captured writing from the heart.

Also try varying how you start. Sometime start by writing the melody, another time with the lyrics, another time with the drums giving you the beat etc. If nothing else you'll find the methods that work for you best, and varying your approach will keep your songs fresh.

You might find these articles useful:

There's a few i wrote hidden in there, but don't let it put you off... :)

Hope this helps.



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