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Do you need help ??...
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Do you need help ???

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Do you need help finishing a song?
Do you need a good guitar solo on your song?
Do you need ideas on how to make your song better?

What ever you need help with, I am willing to help you.

I am a songwriter and I have written songs for 18 years,
I have home studio stuff so I can record pretty much anything at home.

I can put drums on your song or record an awesome solo on it or what ever.

I love to do this and that's why I would like to 'help' you with it!
I will not charge you for it, I do it for fun! the only thing I want is that we
share it here on the forum, and if you release it
give me cred! something like that!

So, IF you want me to do something for you, let me know!
I am best at rock n roll, hardrock, blues, pop, punk, and things like that,
not so much funk and fusion and such!
also death and black metal hehe

maybe there are other things you need help with??? ask me and I will see what I can do!

Check out my new guitar blogg! (click below)
Its only rock n roll but I like it!

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I'd love to take you up on your offer.
I know very little about writing songs/lyrics/music.
For a current project I need about 20 songs for an educational book.
I'm currently drafting the lyrics, each song is to cover a different vocabulary/grammar/part of speech.

I need help making the lyrics into a 'proper' song with simple guitar strumming.

Let me know if this is something that you'd like to get involved with.



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Intriguing post Rob....first I tried to private msg you...seems I haven't kept up my posting quota over the years,,to use that function...lost my password and the email does not exist anymore,but I reregistered who knows,don't even know if your still here lol!

Anyway the answer is all
I have some recorded songs that could use a drum fix or drums at all on some..and solo's, fills...bass lines..
Lets not get ahead of ourselves
Give me a shout back and we can go from there