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One from the archives !

East - West

You want no part of this sorrow
Your time is taken up
I'm eastbound you're westbound
We both had enough
Maybe we'll cross each other
In the sky he'll sit by your side
Confidently tied
And my favourite music will keep out the silence.

I went looking for that Good Deal
Something close at hand
No soft sound,no rally-round
I was in abandoned Town
I sat there scheming and lying
By my side seven men tied
Sentimental sigh
Takes me back to the place where I let it all die


You've got your debts
But your credits good
You fly off in good time
Feelin' misunderstood
Your return is well planned
With a momentary lie
You'll just sneak out that door
No need to say goodbye

One more time, a last chance
That's a familiar sound
I touchdown, go downtown
Walk on familiar ground
We'll keep in close contact
City to city thats understood
Uneasy calm
Castaway,dying island,nobody by my side

Copyright. Elegant 7 Music