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First Song - Mary M...
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First Song - Mary May

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My plan was to learn music/instrument when I hit 50. However, my son graduated from Guitar Hero to guitar, so I accelerated the plan (golf has moved from my 60's to 50's). Gotta have a plan.

Anyway, I would really like to record this and post it in the Hear It Here group. However, I don't have the recording equipment, and I can't play well enough (it would probably take 3 months for me to get a good recording :? ) as I have only been doing this for 6 months.

So I thought I would throw out the lyrics anyway.

Mary May

Mary May don't you go home
I don't want to be left alone
as the sun gives way to the moon
Our time today, has passed too soon
So I plead, I sing, I smile
Please stay, stay awhile

We spent the day in woods
wading in the stream barefoot
The shadows dancing with the leaves
your raven hair fluttering in the breeze
You brought the food, I brought the wine
it's as if Venus and Mars were aligned


Lets watch the moon give way to the stars
from the hill over there, it's not too far
sprinkled in their light, your eyes afire
looking back in mine with the same desire
I wish my first wish to be made with you
Mary May make it come true


I usually play this in the key of G, with a I-V-IV-I progression (but I start with C - is that still a I-V-IV-I progression?).
I have begun throwing in a Bm on "alone", D7 on the "moon", Em on "plead" and an Am on "stay, stay" in the chorus.

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Well done, I wanted to comment that the lyrics are very good, paints a nice picture, tells a story, I will check it out with your arrangements and chords - thanks :)

Chris Bentley

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Hmmm - shame it took so long for this to get a reply.

Looks good so far - tells the story, gets the point across. Chords sound good.....

Huricane, it's easy enough to record on your computer...go to and download "Audacity" - it's a free program, and it's pretty user-friendly. All you'll have to fork out for is a cheap PC microphone, and you're good to go.

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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Hey Huricane,

Very nice lyrics indeed. I'm getting a great deal of help in here to put my first song across and it doesn't sound half as good as yours... (I'm kinda jealous :wink:)

I'm curious, where did you find inspiration for it? It seems so hard for me to find something nice to write about. Most of my inspiration leads to revolt/revolution lines and rise-against-the-system thoughts and I really don't want to write just about that, but nicer things instead such as what you did.

Anyway, I couldn't agree more with Vic on Audacity. It's a GREAT piece of software. And if you are really into it, check out one of the Linux based media distros. I can highly recommend Ubuntu Studio: . It has everything you need to turn your PC in a mini studio. The better your sound card, the most you'll get out of it.

You can either install it directly to your PC or install Ubuntu first and then install Ubuntu Studio's package. If you need more info or help doing it, just ask me and I'll walk you through it. For testing purposes, you can burn a live CD and see if you like it.


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Thanks all, I really appreciate the feedback. I apologize that I did not respond sooner to these posts, but when I last checked in early March nobody had commented on it so I stopped checking. In the meantime I have also been off learning how to record better (my first attempts when wildly wrong :shock: ). I am now using Cubase LE4, and messing with it.

Chris B. I hope to have a take posted soon, but keep in mind, I am learning the following 1) How to sing, how to play music, and how to record music. So, I do not do this song great justice.

Vic, thanks, coming from you, is praise indeed.

Strangedata - My goal with this song is a light hearted folk rock flirtatous, seductive song. Suggestive, but innocent, kind of like a 1950's movie, where you knew what was up, but they did not show you. My main goal with lyrics (I cant say songs yet, cause I do not know what I am doing there) overall is to make peole want to tap their feet and sing along. Nobody seems to be writing these so much anymore. For inspiration, I just put myself into the situation I am thinking about, or seeing, and go through the details, what I feel, see, smell, desire, and then what I want others to know about it.

I tune into hip hop at least once a day, but always find myself either laughing at how bad the kyrics really are (e.g current hit has the line "I sneeze the cheese", or amazed that the lyrics are only about one thing (how good the singer is in bed). There is a lot more to write about than that.

To me, one of the greatist lyrical songs is "Rocky Top". Talk about lyrics taking you to a place, a culture, and giving you a feeling about it all.

Now if only I could sing better, play better to be done.

Again thanks.