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first time ^^

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I thought it was appropriate that I found out about this cool forum on a Sunday so here's something I've been working on called Self Appointed Savior. Any feedback would be appreciated.

They have insight and understanding
to the ways of evil men
They know the right direction
and decide it's up to them
to teach, to show, to force
thier will without remorse

Self Appointed savior

What about you?
Are you forcing the blind to see
though your eyes
insisting that the pain you cause
is a blessing in disquise
you're positive
the way you live
is superior behavior

Self appointed Savior

They have unsakable faith they say
in whatever God they claim
and thier sure that he has chosen them
to make us all the same
to seek, to find, to kill
in the name of thier God's will

self appointed savior

What about you?
do you know what way of life
is best for me
insiting that the way you live
is the way the world should be
instead of looking at yourself
your'e pointing at your neighbor

self appointed savior

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The Sunday Songwriters board exists to accept individual responses to a theme - as your lyrics don't seem to fit a SSG theme I've moved it to the Songwriting Club board.

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John Sargent
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Have you got a melody for your tune? Looking forward to hearing it.