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The queen of the sleeping beauty.
A thorn in my heart - loneliness
Has left me a beautiful mess.
The fear of my misty future.
Can't you see that I'm dying, love?
Would you give it a try - just to save me,
For I am too lost in you?

The beauty of sorrow reigns,
And my pride has been washed away
By my tears - the pearls of devotion,
By my tears - black pearls of dismay.
I am so much addicted to you...
Would you give it a try and forgive me,
For it is the weakness of my strength?

It's two or maybe three at night.
Where are you now? And where am I?
I'm locked inside this labyrinth
And so short of time.
Can't you see that I'm frightened, love?
I need you so desperately now.
Let me hold you and never let go.

Each moment of our love takings
Is scary... when will you be back?
The torment of waiting's heartwreck;
And I was so greatly mistaken
When I thought I could live without you.
Would you be there and shield me, defenceless?
Would you hold my hand till the end?