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Heavens Door Extra -help request

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OK. So, my band play a fairly typical version of Knocking on Heaven's Door (more Dylan, less GNR), but we do pick it up a bit. We felt the song needed another verse or two, so I jotted down some ideas. Please let me know your opinion on which option you would choose (or do they all pretty much stink?).

Option 1

Mama, lay me beneath the stars,
There's too much anger anymore,
I never thought it would come this far,
Feels like I'm knocking on heavens door.

Option 2

Mama, write it upon my stone,
I can't sing it anymore,
I've finally made it, I'm going home,
Now I'm knocking on heavens door.

Option 3

Mama, tell them all I had to go,
Those chains don't bind me anymore,
They've fallen down and released my soul,
Now I'm knocking on heavens door.

Option 4

Mama, the pain has gone away,
I carry no burden anymore,
My life's the price I had to pay,
Now I'm knocking on heavens door.

Any feedback would be appreciated. I don't consider myself a song writer, so don't worry asbout hurting my feelings. Other ideas are appreciated as well.


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I like all of the first three, but of those I like #3 the best. The chain image is really powerful to me. Good stuff!

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I like Two and Three the best they seem to fit well with the feel of
the original song. One goes in a different direction and Four just
doesn't work very well lyrically for me.


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