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help pleez!!!

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I want to write a son for my girlfriend but I cant seem to come up with the perfect lyrics. Any advice? Please help.

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well, I orignally didn't want to respond to this because a love song seems like something that doesn't merit a definite method, but I do have some advice on writing to somebody

The first song I wrote was for my cat, and I'm absolutely obseesed with these animals, I like them way more than people, and I am completely open with saying that( to the point where I put it in the song :wink: )
When writing the song I litlerally imagined how my cat would've reacted if he could comprehend it, and I wrote about five pages of lyrics that didn't mean anything to me, and I figured out why later on. If you write something hoping that someone wil like it, you won't dig anything out of yourself, all you can hope for is that they'll understand it, and from that point you can start to pull real emotions into lyrics. and don't worry too hard about having a set number of words per line or the meter of the poem, work on making the guitar match the words.

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Question 1: Do you really love her? Ignore words, how does she make you feel? Try to describe those feelings. Always remember: A song is about emotions and feelings.

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Also, think about how you want the song to make HER feel.

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