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How do I find inspiration to write my songs??. It's not that hard once you've come up with a good topic but my life is not too exciting so I don't have that much to write about...........

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Where do I begin?

Start right here in the Sunday Songwriters Forum. Bob sets an assignment each week and some of the results have been exceptionally good. If we can get Nick to post One By One again, complete with David Hodge's mp3, or David's own Dinner With Death, then we'll all be in for a treat.

Large chunks of Amefican Idiot were written with the Iraq war in mind - pick a subject or two from tonight's news and see what comes up. Or tomorrow's newspapers. Or look out at the neighbours and imagine what might be going through their heads. It doesn't have to happen to you to be worth writing about - you've probably got an opinion about lots of things, and any one of them could be good material for a song.

There's also a Songwriting link on the GN home page. If you can't find something round here to get you started, I'll be very surprised.


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I just carry a pen and a piece of paper with me everywhere I go. So when a good line or subject pops up I jott it down. Not much of a quick fix, but if your stuck at work or in a class hey you wont have to worry about not being able to write down that one sweet line or chorus. ^_^

Hope that helped.

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You might also try starting a list of song titles. Just start writing down possible song titles anytime you think of one. Then occasionally look through the list and pick out one that sounds cool. Then think about what a song with that title might be about.

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May I suggest an article I wrote a lifetime ago? "So You Want to Be a Songwriter" addresses this issue:

Hope this helps.

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rewrite your favorite song. rip off a line you read in a book. go out and write a song from someone else's perspective. write a song about your love of ketchup and make it sound like a bitter break up song. pick five words at random from the dictionary and write a song with them all. look at graffitti. screw a stranger. write about your boring life and how you wish it were different.