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"Instrustions for destiny"

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Have just discovered this site. Finally some people who can give some trusting constructive critism.

Please read and reply your thoughts, reactions, questions, or suggestions.

AAA structure

"This can be done" her heart cries
for she knows his attention never lies
Motivation can be stolen from her
but her values cannot leave, ever

"Its so hard" she yells within the earth
"for actions to reflect purposeful birth"
She knows it all but maybe too well
or is it pride of independance - that sells

The result and what she should be doing
will eventually combine before she starts losing
And thats her mind repeating; dying or winning?
such enemies can only be beaten

But the know how needs the will
what can she pray when she knows what to do?
'Im sorry' again and again is neutral
is it knowledge or truth that needs to be full

In her life, what comes first?
is she alone until such days as this
She knows her call yet still is waiting
for the forgotten or the memory to awaken

But this leads to darkness
its now you have chosen her for this
Already decided, already written
But the training is dead...

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I feel all in touch with myself now :D ... i really like this song, flows nicely and seems like its really heart felt :lol: this from past experience?

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