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[LYRIC] Away

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Wrote this when I was in high school. Comments welcome.


I wander through this life
Not knowing down from up
My travels take me far from you
And dreams are all that fill my cup

But give me the music
Let me lose my sense in its rhythm
I will float far from confusion
Through a time portal
To the land of rock and roll

My life is a circle of doubt
In all that lies within
My hopes and dreams are moved
In search of that rainbow's end

But give me the music
And I will walk therein
And see the unseen
And understand the light
Of how I must live and die

My eyes may grow too dim
My body may not sense your touch
Sweet smells may not surround me
And the wine no longer delight me

But let me hear that music
Let the sound envelope me
All is rhythm, all is harmony
My mind leaves my body behind
When the sweet sound carries me away...

(C) Fred Ramsey

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