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Miss Perfect

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Hey everyone, First post here at guitar noise. I've been lurking and reading a lot here and finally have decided to post something myself.

I wrote this song one morning bright and early on the spot. I couldn't find any rules regarding posting here in the songwriting forums.

Miss Perfect
your wilted limbs trouble me,
bruised arms and purple fingers
has this gone too far
it's time for a change

i watch your mother crying
as she looks at your swollen eyes
reminded of the beauty inside
it's all already changed

how did this happen?
i just didn't expect
why are you doing this,
she's miss perfect

just take a few bites,
i don't want to say goodbye
i would applaud your dedication
if it were not so sick

It needs some work, definitely some more length but the muse ran dry when I was writing that, lol. I would appreciate any constructive critiques and comments. Thanks

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My impression is that you
start by talking to a woman that got beaten . . . (I assume by her husband or boyfriend?)
But then in the chorus you are talking to the person doing the beating? . . . and that is confusing.

"Just take a few bites" ? I don't know what that means . . . a reference to "just bite the bullet"
if so . . . that doesn't sound like something you would say to someone in that situation.

And the line "She's Miss Perfect" seems to be a couple of syllables short when I read it . . .
unless you already have a tune in mind.

Keep going . . . I'm interested in where you go with it.


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I don't know, Ken, it sounds almost like it might be about a drug addiction to me ("Why are you doing this?" would flow better then). Overall, I think it has potential.

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