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Night on Autumn str...
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Night on Autumn street

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It's strange, I, nearly, allways write songs in pairs. Anyone else around here that do that to?

This is a bluesy song. It's very hard, but fun, to sing. All suggestions on how to improve it are appreciated.

Night on Autumn Street

Verse 1
A cherry tree in bloom.
Flowers are dancing pure and white.
But here on Autumn Street
electrical light makes it look flat.

Verse 2
I was destined
to leave my home, my family and friends.
Now the're pale memories
some without names, some without faces.

I'm a stranger
whereever I go.
Like a sailor
with no haven to call home.
nobody knows me anymore.

Verse 3
Mine was this destiny
to sail away on this sea of time.
But in my dreams
I'm still a brother, a son and a friend.



Verse 4
People around here
do strange things I don't understand.
But to them
it makes sense. I'm not like them


Verse 5
Night has fallen.
Oh mine! It's cold and dark.
There's noone here
to kiss good night. I'll go to sleep alone.

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hey there

I thought the flow and imagery on this piece was terrific

The last verse is really well written :wink:

well done


L.K :arrow:

I can't write just one song or even two I just write lyrics / lines then collate them into songs , some take hours others take weeks


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