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Ok, so far, this is...
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Ok, so far, this is my winning song xD

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Hey guys1

I'm very excited. I sat down to practice getting rid of the buzz on my guitar. that awful, wretched thing (i laze off still in playing without hit un needed strings) and started just trying different string patterns to see if i could get some nice chords.
And it morphed into the base of a simple, yet nice melody.

so, then i started humming, thinking by now that i should see if this could be a great song for me to eventualyl play.

and i got some lyrics. that actually fit nicely for once.

When i have it all figured out more, I'll record the guitar and the singing and post it up here, but till then, I thought i'd post what i have so far of the lyrics. I have no clue where it's going, i'm just choosing what sounds the best and fits the guitar rythymn the best.

anyways, any critism is appreciated, but so far i'm liking how its coming together, for once ^^

I walked outside to view the stars,
And I think of you and where you are,
And across the milkway do find,
That I think of you, I think of you all the time

And I wonder if you still think of me,
And I try to apply some reasoning,
And I smile and walk the plank…the plank

And the stars, in the sky,
They fall down, to the ground,
And I wish, and I pray,
For them to , Rise again,
And the stars, flicker out,
And I'm left, on the ground,
And I feel, I feel… so left behind.

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liking it so far :)

i like the plank line, you could play on that and its meanings, multiple meanings