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Okay (I'll be fine)
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Okay (I'll be fine)

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This isn't really my best song, but it's my most recent one so I figured I'd put it up. I'll get a recording soon!

I wake up
To the smell of coffee
Morning news is on
But I'm not watching
Something's off I can't tell what
I'd figure it out if I had the guts
The air I'm breathing
Has a funny taste
I'm eating toast
And scraping off the plate
Deja vu, I've done this before
And I've got to say I'm getting bored

Got a funny feeling in my stomach
And it's spreading to my lungs
And I can't breathe
And it's not any fun
I've got to get over it
By the end of the day
And you're stuck on telling me
That it'll be okay
I'll be fine

Doing it again
A subconscious dance
The same routine
This time's not the last
Making pleasant conversation
Ignoring my irritation
I ask "how are you"
But I don't even care
My body's with them
But my brain isn't there
Losing focus my vision's blurred
I hope enough is inferred


Last time I saw you
Was the last time something changed
Now you're gone
And everything's the same
I don't miss you I miss what you bring
You walk in a room and change everything
I go through the motions
Day in and day out
Obedient, quiet
Just want to be loud
Want them to know my identity
I have a pulse, a life, it wasn't just you


I seem so tired
My energy's inside
Eyes held open with wires
That won't let me cry
Not that I would
I'm okay, just okay
Or that I'm good
I'm okay, just okay
Maybe I should
okay, okay

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Deja vu, I've done this before
And I've got to say I'm getting bored

I've had an experience like that before.

I really like your song so far, hopefully you do add that recording soon. :D

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I really like this song! Especially the beginning..I'm not sure what kind of tune you're going for, but in my head it's very "Andy Grammer-ish" :)