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One Hit Wonder

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Another one.

It wasn't your first, its the one we heard
It felt like a burst, we learned the words
we wore the same clothes, we grew our hair
It brought you fame, we learned your name

We loved the time, we loved the place
we loved your sound, we loved your face
when you came to town, we got the chance
we saw the show, we stood in the back row
we flicked the Bic, we yelled, we screamed, we danced
when you sang the song, we all sang along

After a time, there was no more
you left our minds, we found others to adore
we changed our clothes, we cut our hair
we wondered when, you'd make us dance again

It was thirty years ago, a one hit wonder
it plays on oldies radio, it still rumbles like thunder
We turn it up high, we tap our feet
As the sound dies away, the stories make our day

On a recent trip, we caught your show
off the Vegas Strip, we sat in the front row
you had the same style, you had the same flair
we smiled, we whistled, we clapped
we thanked you, for bringing the memories back