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play me your song

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Hello all,
It's been a while since I visited.
I've just seen the film "Before Sunset" and have felt inspired to write a song from it.
I thought the film was wonderful, probably more to do with being able to relate to a lot of it.
I've come up with a chorus straight away usin a typical 1-4-5 progression but that may change of course as the song develops.
It goes a bit like this:-

Play me your song,
Play it for me,
Just one listen and I promise I'll leave,
Play me your song,
Play it for me,
Just one time as you promised to me.

That's just what popped out of my head but will probably want to tweak it a little as time progresses.
What I would like is some ideas for verses.
I've been racking my brains but not coming up with anything at all let alone like. I'm going to drop it now and hope something will come in the morning (it often does) but would very much appreciate some ideas, mainly for verses but anything at all would be great.
If you've seen the film use that as your theme, if not, then think ex-lovers meet again by chance, feelings still same if not realised till now, got to be somewhere else but want this to go on forever etc.
Thankyou in advance,

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This is my version of your song idea, Please feel free to take inspiration from it.

(Verse One)
Your sweet voice is music to my ears,
Play your song like you have for years,
But time has told the truth,
I was meant to meet you.

(Verse Two)
Now that time has past,
The voide in my heart,
filled by your sweet song,
we'll never be apart.

(Chorus One)
Sing your song,
Sing it hard,
Please dont stop,
Sing from the heart,
My mind has longed,
For so many years,
To hear your sweet song,
That brings me to tears

Then repeart a couple verses and the chorus again and thats it!

I wrote it in ten minuts so I didnt sit down and think it over but I trid! SO I hope I helped and good luck!


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