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[Sticky] Poor man's - Not in the USA

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OK, cool. That's how I understand it.

The original poster had asked about copyrights, but I should have put a dislaimer on my own n post - "clarify" and "copyright law" is getting into oxymoronism...:)

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This site lists all U.S. code (federal laws):

This URL will take you directly to Copyright main page (US Title 17):

This URL will take you directly to Copyright regarding DIGITAL AUDIO RECORDING DEVICES AND MEDIA (US Title 17, chapter 10):

This URL will take you directly to Copyright regarding SOUND RECORDINGS AND MUSIC VIDEOS (US Title 17, Chapter 11):

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Add Australia to the list of "first documentation"...

Besides copyrighting, the BEST way to get by all this is to be:
1> in the union;
2> with a royalty collection agency.

But don't forget that if you are "getting somewhere" that China will begin to steal your stuff so you'll need someone there, too! (Hence, a royalty collection they go after 'em for ya'll!)

BOTH will fight your battles...and win.

This thread matters greatly to me. Out here in Oz, we're putting together a Boy Band project. For her part, my wife's churning through a Law Degree in Entertainment Magagement..."so no-one can rob the kids".

As for of the FIRST things I did as I subscribed here was to ask GN "how protected" my stuff would be if I were to present some unprotected stuff...and I adjusted my participation, accordingly. OBVIOUSLY they can't be held responsible for someone with ill-intent cruising through GN...and I guess (in hindsight) that question was a "no brainer".

Sadly, it's "writer beware" no matter where you go on the third stone from the sun!


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