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Power Lyrics

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When i write the music to a song...I always pick the strongest pulling chords and try to match them with what i call power lyrics. Just as in a song you'll have your favorite progression or solo and I personally end up writing my songs around these "power chords" (not literal), I have Power Lyrics which dont quite fit the catch of the chorus and cannnot be repeated as such but are the heart and soul of the song. I write chorus and verses around power lyrics. Taking the simplest way to get my point across in a few lyrics, expanding and explaining in verses and chorus's. I never repeat the power lyric itself but cleverly reword perhaps as an ending.

This is the most common way i write my songs. Inspiration rarely gives me the whole song at once...Share your methods...Or does this pretty much explain your method? Does it work for you or are you constantly looking for other methods? I find this method to give me the most results but Im always looking to develop new song writing habits.

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i usually write the lyrics before the music, and most of my lyrics are fairly simple in structure, so i guess my perspective is much different. i usually just fit them to a preexisting or simple song form. when the music comes first, i either have to record it, or i'll forget it. when they come at the same time, if tape isn't rolling, i'm plain screwed. i've lost some decent songs due to this, simply because i have to be fairly relaxed for good lyrics to come out, and that kind of remembering for me takes a lot of concentration.