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i duno if this is the right place but...
i'm having troublewriting riffs....i've been wanting to do a blues song for a while.... in Am...but i can't seem to get out of the choppyness and "scale" likeness of going in order, does anyone have any tips...?

i've been listening to Cream alot latly, and Clapton set's off some great riffs....but i can't seem to manage my own....anywasy thanks, i'm tryign to K.I.S.S it...but i cant figure out to keep it simple but Killer too..thanks

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Sit down and noodle. Don't try to create anything at all, just let your fingers move of their own accord. You'll find that, every now and again, you go over a sequence that sounds good - keep it as the basis for a riff (or even as a whole riff).

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