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Sixteen Saints

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WARNING this song is LOOOOONNNNGGGGG so read all the way thru. Its very very metaphorical so interpret it as you will but look closely and you might jsut catch my meaning

Sixteen Saints

sixteen saints are marching in a line
down a backalley with a strobing sidelight
for it seems a dead end is calling to them

sixteen saints are stuck with nowhere to go
the waters pouring in the twisted cracked crevices
that have caved the entranceway to the route of escape

sixteen saints are up to there toes
but with such a gradual rise is seems only normal
to not worry about having to climb

sixteen saints have seen sixteen moons
with sixteen different phases there ankles are swimming now
but sitting still seems only right when there is no will to go to new heights

sixteen saints have shared sixteen stories
most lies simply remembered with age
water at the shin, slowly rising, no need to find another way in

sixteen saints have held thirty two hands
and thought of a life not so bland
surrounded by all things green water rising up to there knees

sixteen saints have shared sixteen thoughts
of marvelous kings and the things they sought
kings above men ranking so high water now up to there thigh

sixteen saints have thrown sixteen fists
in the air raging of cataclysmic events
in all te haste nobody thought to ascape the water spanning the breath of their waists

sixteen saints have sung sixteen songs
of love loss earth sun and sky
but no one panics at the site of water caressing the side

sixteen saints have dreamt sixteen dreams
have thought sixteen plans and sixteen schemes
methodically choosing only the best of the water now rising to the chest

sixteen saints removed sixteen boulders
from the prison of bricks surrounding there bodies
but as some start to panic some sleep soundly with water up to the shoulder

sixteen saints are getting frightened
of the prospect of drowning without being found
all in all hoping the best for the water no chokeing there necks

sixteen saints have prayed sixteen prayers
each one unique and selfish to his own
and sixteen saints ask to remove the water no under there nose

sixteen saints have jumped sixteen times
taking a breath at each jumps height
but sixteen legs cant jump much higher tha the water risen above there heads

sixteen saints have gasped sixteen breaths
wishing ad hoping to survive
but sixteen saints are realizing now its to late not to die

sixteen saints have died sixteen times
in sixteen seconds there are sixteen lives
the cracks and crevices once pouring have now run dry

once again not at all how it seems

copywrite spencer beasley 2006

spencer beasley

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I didn't really get your meaning. If I had been able to interpret it might not be so long. It seems to keep saying the same thing over and over again. That's not a bad thing, if I understood what the metaphors were for, maybe? Can you fill us in? Or am i just dense?

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ehh if it seems that way then i didnt do as good of a job as i wanted. basically there is three meaning and im not gonna give away all three but one of them is fitting in with a crowd. so yea... i just need to rewrite or somehing

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Seems to me this could have been a poem before you posted here?

It's 15 Till And She Has The Other 45 In Her Mouth.

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Looks more like a poem to me with a riddle in it. It is very interesting but as a song, well i', just not sure...................Take care Nite...............

lyrics belong in songs, poems bolong in bookstores

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Well I think I see the hidden meaning (one of them at least) but I have to agree, the song is monotonous with so many repetitions of the same image.

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Reminds me of Bob Dylan's "Hurricane". There's just enough stuff for a good two-and-a-half minute song, but it just goes on and on and on, repeating the verse and chorus over and over again. I know that song is highly rated, but it's not my kind of stuff.

I have absolutely no clue what your lyrics are about, but then again, that doesn't matter much to me. I like mysterious lyrics. These lyrics are what I would call impressionistic. You shouldn't examine them in detail, or analyse each line seperately, because then it all blurs and doesn't make sense. Instead you take them as a whole, and seen from a distance you get an impression of the picture. So, in that sense, these lyrics are good.

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Hi Beans,
well I did a google on "16 saints" and in the context of that result I think I understand your meaning here. As a song Id really have to hear it to comment. Its certainly an intertesting (and enjoyable btw) piece of writing so well done.
If anyone could sing this song convincingly, I know you could.

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