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Song Wants Advice

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Just looking for any general advise on a song i was writing. the song is a bit heavy (story i heard once about a mother murdering her son) but forget the lyric i really need more help with the chord and especially a bridge.

Dm (1) = Dm6add11= x-x-0-0-0-1
D7 (2) = D7sus2sus4 = x-x-0-0-1-0
D7 (3) = D7sus4 = x-x-0-3-1-2

Don't worry mama its really O-K

i never wanted to see the sky any way

i have heard that it is awfully blue

but you---- think it would always be grey

I am missing a bridge here. i need something that connects the slow depressing verse with the vindictive fast chorus

C----Am-------- C----Am---------C----Am-----------Em----

  • End Me----~~~~End Me----~~~~~End Me----your~~Now

    * little extra tab bit :::::: 1: 0----0------0
    just 1st and 2nd stings 2: ---0---0h-1--

    C----Am-------- C----Am-------- C---Am----------Em----

  • End Me----~~~~End Me----~~~~End Me----your~~Son

    C----Am-------- C----Am-------- C---Am-----------Em-------G-------Em--Am
    End Me----~~~~End Me----~~~~End Me----be~~-~fore my ~life has be~~gun

    and now i need another bridge here to bring me back to a similar verse.

    I would much appreciate any help or suggested augmentation including any nice ideas for spicing it up.