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talking 4:23 blues
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talking 4:23 blues

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alright guys and girls this is a talking blues number with a kinda comedy intro to get the audience in the mood.Think early Dylan.
the ha ha bit is a kinda giggle i do.

Well hello everybody, good evening to you all
My sincerest apologies for not being very tall,
But I’m………….. sitting down.

Ha ha ha

I think I’ll do a blues number for you
a…talking blues, that being I just talk….
Kinda…slow…you know

Ha ha ha

Its about a time where I come from they call
The wee small hours.
A precise minute in fact called
4:23 am

I don’t laugh here, ha

But before I do, I’ll fix my collar ha
And I’ll fix my hat ha ha
Cos if my mamma tought me anything
She taught me that ha ha

You should always be smart from your
head to your feet ha

cos theres no telling whos eyes
yours might just meet ha

but back to the song
I call talking 4:23 blues
Man I’ll tell ye, I think I need a muse

Ha ha

she told me she loved me
i think it was a lie

of a broken heart i
might just well die

im left here alone , alone
so alone

with no one to lean on so im
clutching my phone

but no-ones gonna call at this
hour of the day

its to long past the sun
and the moon he wont stay

so i turn on the tv
nothing but news

i press the mute on these
outsiders views

look to the bottom corner
times screaming at me

can it really be

man i must be
fucking crazy

man i must be
fucking crazy!!

And i'll tell it and think it and speak it and breathe it and reflect it from the mountain so all souls can see it.- Bob Dylan,a hard rains gonna fall

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I like it....reminds me of some old country songs. and for some reason I can hear Johnny Cash doin this. good job

-micheal :)

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