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the guitarnoise son...
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the guitarnoise song i never finished

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I just came across this the other day and thought I'd share it. Some of you might remember it when I first started writing it. Well, I never finished it. Anyway, some of you might enjoy it.

Welcome to Guitar Noise is the message a newbie receives
Without further ado he gets to work and rolls up his sleeves
The maiden of avatar changing was One Winged Angel
You don't have to agree with Rahul his view is from a weird angle

Taso turned 18 he's so happy now he's finally free
Got a question about scales and chords Nils is the man to see
Watch the Ghost he haunts the pages…meanaww never mind
Check out Bob in the SSG instructing others about the next rhyme

Smokindogs in the studio recording that last song he wrote
Over there in the corner playing with his notes is noteboat
Crank-n-Jam is working on the code for a page for us all
Greybeard helps us out by keeping and laying down the law

Vic says screw the neighbors heed the warning
Wake up first thing and see Chris_C in the morning
Gmail invites go and talk to Elecktrablue
Say goodbyes and logout when you're through

Ragdoll says Jimi Hendrix really rocks
He loses his guitar picks like he does his socks
He's done on here for now so Off He Goes
Don't know the answer ask dhodge he knows

Hilch says guitar straps are the newest topic
Jamesgrubb is writing another song he can't stop it
Twistedlefty another one of those left handed players
If you feel bad ask The Celt he handles the prayers

Chris and Rod are brothers that we all know
Musenfreund is here let's get on with the show
GuitarNoise does anyone know who that really is
Coolest name of the week that's amazing ness

If you see Nick in your inbox you have a reply
And hilch living in Australia he's a really cool guy
You'll catch Wes in the Easy Song Forum tabbing out a song
When you ask teleplayer324 a question you can't go wrong

Guitar Noise forums are the place
Meet and Greet all the guitar race
Have an extra guitar or maybe GAS?
Beginners question don't be afraid to ask
Songwriting Club please post an MP3
Opinions and Polls here you post semi freely
Coffee House… well its not there anymore

Guitar noise come on in
It's addicting like a sin
Set it to your homepage
And you win

But no talking about K.C… Awww…Nirvana

By the salutes to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain... I think I can say that name now right? =]

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well - it works, and it doesn't.....

Kudos - DEFINITELY - for trying to fit us all in. Some of us you captured, some of us you fell short. I mean - Elecktra? G-mail? She plays lead, rhythm, 12-string pink Daisy Rock, mandolin, dulcimer, bass, and occasionally writes a good song....selling her a bit short there!

What you should do is start with the REAL big guns.....the proper Musicians etc... Guitarnoise (Paul), dhodge, Nick, Noteboat, Kingpatzer, Gnease, Wes, Ajen......

Then go on to the second division, the mods.....Smokindog, Ricochet (and his Johnson.....)Elecktra, Greybeard, Bob, etc....

THEN the well known faces who post a lot....barnabusrox, ChrisC, Taso, Bish, etc....

Maybe mention old friends who aren't here any more - Jazzarati, Ryan Spencer, Twisted Fingers, Pet.....

Then round it all off by cramming as many names as you can into the last verse, in the style of "Life Is A Rock".....BBBumble and the Stingers, Mott The Hoople, Ray Charles Singers,......

Just a few thoughts.....

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)

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"another one of those left handed players"?

man, I play Right Handed!!!

:P :lol: :P :lol: :P


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Weird Is Me.

Nicely written song James. You must have thought about it a lot. Keep editing and posting here.

Good Luck !