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The Silence - The D...
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The Silence - The Denial of Symbols

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The Silence - The Denial of Symbols

The Silence - Voice and Music by Marcus Nalgaber - Text by Mora Amaro la Loba

Silence made friends with night
hugging her like a brooch
to a piece of cloth

He counted the stars
that shined on her neckline
and gently
one by one
he concealed their glitter
between the branches of the forest

Silence made friends with night
holding her tight
like the spring to the wharf

He pulled on the thread
of her black dress
and sweetly
little by little
he began to unravel the cloth
that hid her senses

Silence mastered Night
wrapping himself in her
like a sword in its sheath

He collected irises
that swam in the rivers
and anxiously
little by little
he poured their scent
over the sweat of her forehead


Marcus & Mora