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The Waystation con MP3

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As always MP3 available if desired, and comments appreciated.


Now she's looking down
Her eyes a cold stare on the ground
Wears a worn out frown
And then she's out the door
His throat is sore
The chord's been cut but nothing more
Pain easily ignored
Slowly shut the door

All the while
Sundown on the river
A cold winter's here
Darling, don't you fear

Cold room, hospital gown
The doctor's hand fumbling round
Try to block it out
Time is all she needs
A year later it seems
She's still waiting for the spring
Words are so ...


And despite all of this hard rain
She still moves on even though she feels the same
Just hold on till you feel yourself come around
My love ...

Down at the Waystation she cried
Down at the Waystation a hundred times
Girl I know you tried
So hard and over time ...
Oh I know you tried but it never ...

Now she's walking back
But I'm not sure where is that?
Her home is done, it's burning down
But I'm not the one
Who left her there ..
Who didn't care
If it was up to me
I wouldn't have had to see


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The 2nd verse only has 7 lines - is that deliberate.

Some of it worked for me and some of it didn't. Are you writing in English, or in German and then translating to English. If the latter, then it doesn't always work exactly ("Neun und neunzig Luftballon" for example, which became "99 red balloons" once it got to the English audiences). If you are writing in German, then I think we have sufficient German language speakers here to enjoy seeing the original words.


A :-)

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I guess it was deliberate ... it's just what kind of flowed out ... I think I could have broken up the lines (text) a little bit better ... but you can listen on my soundclick page - I think they still go with the meter of the song.

Oh, and I'm American. :) Just live here in Deutschland - for now. :)