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Thinking About You
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Thinking About You

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Ok like all my other songs, they need work lol so if you have any tips or advise, plz feel free to post.

This song is alitlle different than some of the others that I wrote because this one is a tad more personal than the rest and
I spent a fair amout of time on it. enjoy.

Verse 1
Everybody tells me
And you'd think that I would learn
But all these years I didn't
All the while I've been hurt

It's so hard to move on
It's so hard to forget
When I look at my reflection
I see you starring right back
And I know your out there somewhere
And I'll see you someday too
But untill then I'll be right here
Just thinking about you

I want so bad to love you
But where to draw the line
From giving you another chance
And getting hurt time after time

Verse 2
I think about you every day
And I wonder where you are
I think about how it'd be different
With you to hold me in your arms
Would you help me dry my tears
On nights that I can't stand?
And be, for once, somebody
That I could call my Dad