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Three Weeks Gone (W...
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Three Weeks Gone (WIP)

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May actually have something that has a good melody!

i'm definitely happy with what i have so far, though in the middle of the chorus it sounds a bit awkward. i'll post a rough clip in hear me and link tomorrow. its only vocals, since i can't play guitar well yet. i'm waiting for when school starts and my guitar course begins. i'm not bending my fingers correctly at all and i have reaching problems.

but i think this may actually be a good song. i wasn't happy with the melody in My Star, but this one is definitely better.
haha, see if it holds up after sleeping, huh?

anyways, i only have the first verse and the chorus yet.

please, post whatever on it you notice that may seem a bit weird, or if the wording sounds skewed.

for some backgrounding into it, i have been sitting up an hour working on getting a good melody and lyrics, and i thought about a friend of mine, as well as others. she is still mourning the lost of her oldest friend who passed away several months back. since its highschool, and its that age where everyone is starting to drive. . .
just short of ten people my friend's knew and one i knew died this school year.

i think its a good way to help them out, and the friend who i thought of beginning this could definitely use a song, even if its just summing up what she may be feeling or not.
anyways, i'll stop chattering! here it is.


Three Weeks Gone

A crinkled piece of paper-
What is this piece of paper?
A crinkled piece of paper,
I try to write. . .

You died three weeks ago.
Just thought that you should know.
I still don't like your boyfriend,
Though he still quite likes you!
They said your name at school,
The first time ever, too!
I imagine it was worth it all,
To see those people look.

And I wonder what its like for you,
From your snow white perch?
Is all you ever wanted or do you
Just want home?
Tell which way the weather's going,
Because I'm so afraid.
And you're growing cold and getting old,
In your grave.
Three weeks gone.
(three weeks gon-e)
((three weeks gone))


I'll post a link tomorrow when i record a nicer version that doesn't have me squeaking to be quiet. its nearly 4am here, haha. i'm trying to be quiet simply because this room is super echoey and we have a hole in the wall to a room with a hole in the upstairs floor to the bathroom with a hole into the parent's room.
isn't that convienent?

haha, anyways. . . i would really like any opinions/ ideas for it to be added. and if not that, comments are good!

anyways, i'll get some sleep after all this.