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A Great Gig!

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My band, being me on rhythm guitar, my friend Alex on lead guitar, and Sarah on bass, had a wonderful and spontaneous gig today. It was an open mic, though a fairly respected one.
Me and Alex spent a fair share of the day improving and practicing the song to be played at the guitar store where Sarah works, then at four-thirty, we decided to head over to the sign ups, which started at five. We would pick up our gear on the way there, which was at Sarah's house. Apparently, Sarah had forgotten her keys, and her mom had left for the day. So, after one decapitated screen and a fairly panicked 30 minutes, we got all our gear into my car. By the time we got to the coffeehouse, the only slot available was the first one, starting at 7:00. This gave us about an hour to teach Sarah all the changes we had made, and to write new basslines for all of it. It was by far, the most relaxed scene I'd ever played. We improvised upon most of the song we had written, and consequently confusing everybody in the crowd as to whether we had any concept of tempo. To my surprise at the end of the song, the audio tech looked at me and put up 7 fingers, well, 7 minutes is not something to be wasted in the life of a 17 year old musician, so Alex turned to me and mentioned a Yes song called, "Mood for a Day", an extremely technical classical fingerpicking song I finally tackled about two weeks ago. So I played it as Alex and Sarah decided what to play next, thinking of the crowd which was very surprised with our choice of music in the wave of screamo, emo, thrash-core, and punk which is usually conducted by people our age at open mics. So we played flamenco :D , a traditional song called Spanish Rhumba, of an anonymous composer's arrangement. After that last curveball, we, and the meager crowd, had been very blissful in the late afternoon light. it is now 2:00 in the morning, and I can definetely say that the night did not end there, but I'd say that the show was by far the most significant event of he day, if not my whole summer.

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Did you see that!

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Congratulations! Sounds like a wonderfully eclectic set.

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thats too killer man!!

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It's a magical feeling when everything works out perfectly! Especially on the spot like that.

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Playing guitar is groovy. Do it as often as you humanly can.

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Good job with the great gig, I once had a similar experience that inspired me to keep playing live like that, with or without a band.


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Whenever something like that goes perfectly, it usually inspires me to practice ten times harder than before. It's a good feeling.

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