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A question of tone ...
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A question of tone . . .

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I second that... my brother just picked up a Fender Highway One HSS. Its really nice. Got the ability to get the Strat sound with the neck pickup, and then can get fat (though not quite a fat as an LP) with the humbucker. Plus made in the USA for under $800. Its a nice geet.

Yeah I recently purchased an American Deluxe HSS and it's really a quality instrument. They're a lot cheaper than gibsons too, the American Deluxe is their "top of the line" if you don't include the signature series and I got mine for about $1250 CAD. Amazing tone on all pickups in all types of configurations... Not QUITE metal enough for when I play really heavy stuff, but that's what my Ibanez S series with EMG's is for! :D

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Greg -

Rude is a great way to describe EC's 'feeling' on that album :D
Overdriven 5 watt tube amps usually end up giving that impression!

Why Does Love.... is mostly EC on lead.
Duane plays some non-slide lead on it as well.

From what I understand, at least EC's Strat was tuned down a half step (on WDLHtbsS).... thickening up the sound a bit.
Tom Dowd also messed with the speeds quite a bit on most tracks.... and that one seemed to be slowed down
enough to end up another 1/4 step down.
So down about 3/4 tone all told.

EC did play some slide on that album....
He does the slide break on 'Tell the Truth' (Duane also plays slide on that one).
And the slide during the piano coda of 'Layla' was EC, and I think he joined Duane on slide at the end of Layla just prior to the coda (The 'wailing cats' part).

Also, the first three songs on the album (I Looked Away, Bell Bottom Blues, and Keep on Growing) were already 'in the can'
by the time Duane joined in the playing, so he does not appear on those tracks at all.
Purely EC on those.

Despite the differences in tone between a 50's Strat and a HB loaded GT, they are at times very hard to tell apart.

Duane's sound can be a bit darker and usually has his trademark glassiness....
Though, other times, he has a brighter, twangier, country-like sound very close to a Strat.

And EC rarely plays with the bridge pup.
(When he does, you can really notice it!)

All the layering of multi-guitar tracks doesn't help much either!


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I don't exactly understand what the BBE Sonic Stomp does (read reviews, nobody does), but whatever it does, I love it. It is just like the famous Sonic Maximizer for vocals. All I can say is that it will make the sound of your amp come alive.
You will read many reviews where owners say it's like you took a blanket off your amp. That may sound silly, but that is a perfect description. You think your amp sounds great till you use this pedal. When you turn it off your amp will sound muddy.

It is hard to describe what it does. If you turn up the controls to max it is a little too much, especially the low contour. Then your bass will start to distort. If you crank the treble control to max it can get very spikey. With my Tele I turn the bass control up to about 2 o'clock, the treble control at about 11-12 o'clock. I get a very warm and full tone, excellent for chords, not thin at all.

So, not really sure what it does, but it does it great. I keep it on all the time. When you turn it off, THEN you can really hear the difference, like night and day.

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