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A really fun day...

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I was reading something Noteboat posted a few months ago and it reminded me of something that happened to me last summer:

I was at the Berklee in Puerto Rico thing, which is basically the Berklee guys coming down here to teach classes and scout for musicians for one week. So one the first day of that thing I really wanted to jam with anybody that was around. I went into a classroom and saw some guys huddled around a bassist and a pianist sitting at the keys. It was like half an hour until the class in that classroom started so I plugged in to an amp and asked the guys if they knew Mr. PC. They didn't know it, but the changes are simple and repetitive since the song is kind of a jam so they got it quick. So we start playing the song and out of nowhere comes this really awesome drummer who starts playing and tells the bassist the chord changes when he gets lost. That was particularly impressive O_O, why would the drummer learn the changes?

Anyways, we go over the melody a few times and then everybody gets to solo and then melody again and I solo again because damnit I put this band together and I want to improvise again xD. And then I look at the drummer and he knows what I'm thinking and we repeat the ending line three times and finish. I look up and hear a bunch of people clapping! A whole bunch of students that were out in the hallways and/or coming to the class bunched up in the classroom and started clapping for our improvised jam of Mr. PC :D. I realized I was late for class and quickly rushed off, but to this day I meet people who recognize me from that jam. Like in musician's places somebody will come up to me "Hey! You are the guy from the first day of the Berklee in Puerto Rico thing jamming in the classroom! That was awesome, man"

Haha, that was awesome :D.

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