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A small step for ma...
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A small step for mankind...

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But a pretty large step for me: my little project is finished! :D

(click image for download)
(click here for the soundclick mirror)

This is basically what I've been working on the past two years or so, and it's a compilation of what I've learned so far. All songs written, recorded, produced, performed, mixed and mastered by me, with my own gear, so please forgive the at times not-so-awesome sound quality. It has turned out to be a pretty varied album, I think, so with some luck everyone should find atleast one somewhat enjoyable song and probably atleast one not-so-enjoyable song. ;)

[BRAG]A recurring question on these boards is the 'When are you no longer a beginner'. The answer usually is 'when you no longer feel like one'. I think that with this little project I've made my way from absolute beginner to atleast some form of mediocrity, and I can't wait to see where I'll be in a few more years. Any feedback, comments, criticism and questions are more then welcome![/BRAG]

Side-note: the IMHO awesome picture is *not* made by me, but by a friend of mine. Not sure if he wants me to say his name but just so you know.