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£700 to spend on acoustic 40th birthday

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Greetings all, sorry I haven't been around the boards much for a while hope everyone is well and playing some good stuff!

Here's the situation. I am 40 in November, my wife is contributing £500 and my parents might chip in a little too, so I might have £700 - £800 to spend on a nice new guitar.

I am looking for something that will have a bit of a "wow" factor, as you might know i am a Yamaha acoustic fan but I will consider anything at the moment, I have time to pick and choose.


I want to know any recommendations in this price range. For those of you outside of the UK think of guitar's around the $1000 mark (I know its not an accurate reflection of exchange rates but guitar's tend to be dearer here anyway).

Please let me have your thoughts!!



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i've enjoyed the larrivees i've played in that price range.

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I recently tried a Yamaha LL6 and was really impressed, they can be had for £400'ish (I think). I have a Taylor 314 which I think is the absolute bees-knees and do those for £899 so a bit of shopping around and haggling and you might get one in budget. I know finding a lefty might be harder though and the 'Taylor' tone might not float your boat.

At the weekend I dropped my Vintage Acoustic into TrebleRock ( ) in Bristol. Simon previously set up my Taylor perfectly so I am getting him to set up the Vintage. Anyway, they have a luthier in there (Tom Waghorn) who builds electro-acoustics to order for around £1300. They had one in there and it played so easily, easier to barre than my Taylor and the sound was incredible. It looked really plain, but sounded fantastic. As you're a lefty and its a special gift, maybe just keep saving and go for a guitar built just for you?

Coda has a decent stock of quality guitars in Stevenage so is worth a visit (not sure where you are). Good luck and enjoy the hunt. My only other advice is take your time and play everything you can get your hands on - but you knew that already.

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solid cedar top, solid mahogany back, with hardcase

i own 2 takamines and love them both great electronics solid construction. some say that they are a little lacking in the lower frequencys when unplugged but i disagree. i have a very nice acoustic amp (fishman loudbox) and you can mould the sound any way you want.


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I'd say check out some Seagulls. (guitars that is! )


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Guild has some nice ones, Martin has one that I know of that's about $1000. The Guild is a made in China GAD-30. Try the 15 or 16 series in the Martin.

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I'll be 40 in 2 think your wife and parents can hook me up as well
:D :D :D

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I'd say check out some Seagulls. (guitars that is! )


I second the Seagulls. You should be able to get an Artist series with some nice electronics in that price range. I like Breedloves and Taylors too.

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Check out Brook and Fylde and Lowden.