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Acoustic players only - when you started playing....

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:!: Slight hijacking of the thread is about to begin :!:

As a newbie I find it so amazing that we have guitarist on this website that have played for decades and have so much to offer in the way of suggestions. They are much appreciated.

:!: End hijacking of thread here :!:

“The hardest thing in life is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn” - David Russell (Scottish classical Guitarist. b.1942)

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when i started out i just wanted to outdo others now it has turned into just wanting to play with eveyone and love mucis and jam and play gigs....its the best thing i have right now


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i wanted to write songs and meet people.

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I wanted to be able to sing to songs that I like with the guitar instead of just karaoke. I have no interest in electric guitar, just me and an acoustic and songs I like on the radio. Somewhere down the road I'll try writing one myself...


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Just wanted to learn to play the thing for myself. Didn't have any thoughts of performing for anybody, and certainly not of picking up chicks. Didn't need to, and it doesn't work anyway. It sure will get you acquainted with a lot of other guys who play guitar, though!

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Didn't have any set goal in mind, just couldn't stand not being able to make music any longer. Finally found the time to make that switch from consumer to producer. 8)

I guess I'd always been in love from afar. It just took me 58 years to get around to asking for a date. :P

Won't be letting go now though.... :D

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Two words (or is that two and a half :?):

Mid-life crisis. :P

In all honesty, actually started around my uni days simply 'cause my cousin was playing and it sounded great. Got a beat-up 2nd hand guitar to jam with her. Then life took over and I lent the guitar to a friend and never saw it again.

Anyhoo, this year I decided I'd love to give a burl again. Life's a bit more settled and have a place out in the country (one of my goals achieved 8)). It's just so therapeutic out there and to complete the picture I wanted to be able to make my own music in such a setting. And an acoustic allows one to do that ... can go with it anywhere on the property.

Also been revisiting a lot of the greats too such as Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Neil Young etc ... just love that acoustic sound. And being able to (however poorly) recreate those sounds is simply awesome.

I'm also very un-artistic/creative and playing the guitar has gotten me somewhat closer to overcoming that barrier. When I'm playing I feel I'm connecting somehow. It's almost ethereal. :D

From little things big things grow - Paul Kelly

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Started out killing time around the fire station, jamming on my harmonica with 2 mates who played guitars. They wanted me to teach them some harp, so they started to teach me guitar. ( I started learning as a teenager but there were distractions..... footy, cricket, girls!!)
My initial goal was to learn enough to be able to strum along with some of my favorite songs, maybe bring the old stick out on a fishing/camping trip campfire session an so on.
Now I have a Fender Telecaster as well as my Jumbo Gibson Epi Elec/Acoustic and I am lovin them both. Cracking along trying to keep up with Keith Urban, Steve Earl, Fred Eaglesmith and the like and mellowing out with Gary Allan, Kasey Chambers, Patty Griffin, the Waifs and on and on.........
These guitars have opened my ears I tell ya, my kids learn bass guitar, violin and keyboard. My house is filling with music and I am loving it.

Geez sorry about the waffle people.

BTW Geoo, nice Funky Monkey avitar man! :)

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