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Acoustic Stings

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Ok, a friend of mine asked me to get her some Stings for her Acoustic.
I mainly just play Electric, Ive never had an Acoustic myself, so I've never went looking at Strings for them. And Im real bad at changing my own strings as well, so Im not to good at picking my own, always forget what I had last time. :)

Anyway, I dont really need anything Fancy, Just something that sounds nice and wont break to easy. Thats her biggest fear is that they will just break.
Plus a nice Gauge too, Nothing to Rough for her, but maybe not to Light.

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I use Martin SP's, Light gauge on my acoustic. The lights are .012 - .054. They sound great and are quality strings.

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I use the Alchemy line from Dean Markley. They range from $10-12 but they're worth it. They last for ages, have a beautiful shine, stay nice and bright, and I've never had a break.


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I can also recommend the Martin SP's, very good quality for the cost.

For a bit more cash, try Elixir coated strings, last a LONG time!


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Rotosound Country Gold - accept no substitute.

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I recommend the Elixirs also. I use Polyweb 12s and they feel good, sound good and do last a long time. In my opinion they are worth the extra cost.

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I find the elixirs a big greasy to the touch, but they do last a long time. I use D'addario phospher bronze 12s they are good strings, have been using them for years and never had any break on me. I take it she is after metal strings and not nylon?