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Active pickups and Fender Champion 300 amp

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New to active pickups, I can't get my Clapton Signature Series Strat (has vintage noiseless pickups which i am led to believe are active) to make noise through my Fender Champion 300 amp, no matter which input i plug into (1st input being full sensitivity, or the 2nd input being high-output/pre-amp'd instruments). Plugged one of my passive pickup'd guitars into the Amp and got a lil more sound but I was finding myself tryin to crank the volume versus trying to turn it down either way. Couldn't even hear anything when plugging head phones into it.

Played the Clapton through an amp they had at the music shop before my old lady went to the same place and bought me the Fender Champion the next day. So I know the Clapton played before without a problem. Is there something I should know about active pick ups? Tried to look some more information up on them and all I have come across is some information about them having a power source and people using pre-amps with them. Any suggestions before I take the amp down to the shop and have them look it over?