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advance rhythm

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Hey folks,

Awesome forum, by the way. Very informative. Lotsa great info.

I am a bluegrass fanatic, and really enjoy the various rhythm styes used by various artists. Youtube has some awesome instructional vids. Wyatt Rice has a few great vids on youtube. He's fantastic. He's got his rhythm down to a fine art. Hope it's okay to post vid links on Guitarnoise. Here's one:

Another (if you can take your eyes off of Grier's pickin'):

with Tony Rice:

Also, Brad Davis is awesome. Here's a good vid:

I recently purchased Orrin Star's Bluegrass Rhythm Guitar Workshop, and I think it's excellent. While, practice...bluegrass stuff, most of my friends play other stuff. From this, I've noticed that the rhythm techniques I've learned fit well into most genres.

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ani difranco

keller williams

These two are your best bet. Keller plays the best acoustic stuff that I have ever heard. Do a youtube search.


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