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Am I writin this ri...
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Am I writin this right?

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Ive started to learn musical notation and the notes came fine and easy havin some difficulty with combing the rhythms but any way. after strugglin some I decided to do whats works best with me, work by writing my own songs in musical notation. anyway ive come to a part in a song Im writing with triplets. my question is this (after all my digressing): in 4/4 time can I fit 4 triplets in a measure or is it 3. its trivial yes but ive heard conflicting things.
thanks for the help
Micheal =)

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It's four.

A triplet is three notes played in the space of two; in 4/4 time, you'll have four pairs of eighth notes, so you can have four sets of eighth note triplets.

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If you're planning on writing for an extended amount of time using what would be triplets in 4/4, you might want to write in 12/8. It's exactly the same, but it saves you from writing little tiny threes over each group of notes. It's even usually played in 4.

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Definately 4 bro, the third note sneaks in somewhere between the "One, and..." My advice for some great writng principles on triplets and also swing is to head to Community there is alot shabbier then here in alot of aspects. But Ive found some very useful rythm and notation instructions.