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Hi. before I played Guitar, I played a violin. I played it right handed, even though the first time I picked one up, I tried to play it left handed.
At the time, I don't think they made a left handed violin. the first guitar i owned was right handed too. As far as music went, it started losing it's appeal to me... I dunno, it just didn't feel "right". THen one night I saw this old monterrey Pop festival movie. It had Jimi Hendrix in it. Up til that time, I had never seen a lefty guitar player. I figured since there were no lefty fiddles, there wouldn't be any lefty guitars either. I freaked on this
the next workday, I dusted off my guitar/paperweight and had it restrung lefty.....

noteboat's post was pretty accurate IMO. LOL I can play right handed (very badly) I can play a right handed upside down (not much better)
And I play left handed. My pick hand is definately the dominant hand. I couldn't even almost tremolo pick or jump strings right handed.

Uhhh sorta off topic. I'm trying to teach this friend of mine a few things... I try to tell him to pretend he's looking in a mirror (what I did when I took lessons)
Anybody got any advice on how I can help this "Right boy" out?
Yeah, it be nice if I could show him basic theory first... But they ALWAYS wanna learn songs.... :)

Waay waay off topic.....
I'm tempted to sue Guitar Center for Discrimination. THey got all kinds a nice Axes for you Right handers. All they offer us southpaws are crappy
Mexico strats and a tele and some overpriced POS acoustic

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but when
you're a 22lb sledge, do you really have to be?

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